Solderse an innovative launchpad aims to make web3 global.

Solderse is a communtiy driven innovative launchpad aimed to make blockchain community more welcoming through it's AI driven platform.

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Private Sale

1 BNB = 1,500 SOLD


About Us

Solderse in an innovative platform across multiple chains including Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, FTM, and Avax which makes the whole process of creating new contract and launching the launchpad super easy and fast.


With our smart AI based system we help others to be part of the blockchain community, Our expanding community helps to achieve the dreams which were unachievable.

Smart Token Creation System

Our system is empowered with the smart token creation system with advanced gas fees calculation on top rated chains.

Innovative LaunchPad & Gamification

With our innovative launchpad you can excel through to the blockchain community in a very short period of time. Our gamification features make your cryptocurrency accessible to the most of the investors.

0 Fees Base Currency Launchpad

Solderse is a 0 fees base currency launchpad which means you can make multiple launchpad with paying absolutely 0 into base currency fees

Salient Features

A launchpad for everyone to step into the blockchain community

A community driven platform for the community

0 Fee platform to headstart for you

Network cross driven launchpad for you.

Enchanced security with protection of Reentrant, and FlashLoan Attacks

A simple UI design to empower the need of yours

Improvised smart contract code to minimize the gas fees per execution.

Easy to use and begineer friendly AI driven platform for maximum output.

Tokenomics - Distribution

40% - Liquidity Locked

40% Liquidity is locked to utilize after the 6 months in two tranches for exchanges.

15% - Private Sale

15% Liquidity has been reserved for the private sale. which will be completed in three tranches.

9% - Deflationary Burn

9% Liquidity will be burn in a period of 2 years as part of the Deflationionary mechanism.

23% - Public Sale

23% Liquidity will be utilized for public sale, airdrops, and rewards over the period of time.

12% - Developers, Marketing, Admin Expenses

12% liquidity is reserved for the following goals.

  • 3% for the Developers
  • 6% for the Marketing Cost including airdrops, and rewards.
  • 3% to cover the admin and maintainence costs

Total Supply: 15,000,000.00

MarketingPrivate SaleICO Public SaleDevDeflation(Burning)LockedExpenditure6%15%24%3%9%40%3%

RoadMap - Timeline

Jan 23
✓ Conceptualization of idea
✓ Smart Contract Development
✓ Establish Legal Structure
✓ Developed Solderse Merch
Launching ICO
Feb 23
✓ Launching ICO
✓ Whitepaper Update
✓ LP lock 1 year
✓ PR and Multisocial Campaign
✓ Cross Chain Development
Launching APP
Mar, 23
✓ Updating changes
✓ Marketing Fund allocation
✓ Launching APP for testnet
✓ Core changes beta testing
Apr, 23
✓ Changes Implement
✓ Launch on Mainnet
✓ Design Improvement
✓ Feedback Implementation
✓ Round 2 of Sale
✓ Distribution

Dream Team

Talented Individuals behind Solderse


Andrew Jackson

CEO & Founder


James Door

Product Manager


Louis J.

CTO & Lead Innovation

Sly L

Sly L

Head Marketing


Andrew Larkin

Backend Developer

Samantha Rose

Samantha Rose

Head Content Creation

Chain Availability


Frequently Asked Questions


Solderse is an innovative platform to launch your own cryptocurrency in just a matter of few clicks powered by an inituitive AI system.

Solderse is the first platform for community to community with it's unique DAO concept. It helps you to achieve what was unachieveble in web3


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